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Legislative VICTORY: PAs Granted Access as Authorized Signers in SB81


SB 81 authorizing APRNs and PAs to sign documents related to psychiatric inpatients has been signed into law by Governor Mike DeWine.

Although it stops short of permitting pink slipping, this legislation represents an expansion of PA authority to help improve access to quality, cost-effective, accessible mental health care for Ohioans.

Signed into law in June 2024 and taking effect in September 2024 (in ORC Section 4730.204), this bill:

  • Included PAs among other advanced practice providers to permit their signature on documents related to the following (though stopping short of permitting a PA to "pink slip" a patient):
    (1) The admission of a patient to a health care facility for the purpose of receiving psychiatric or other behavioral health care services on an inpatient basis;
    (2) The discharge of a patient from a health care facility after receiving inpatient psychiatric or other behavioral health care services;
    (3) The treatment of a patient while at a health care facility on an inpatient basis for psychiatric or other behavioral health care services.
  • Confirmed that a supervising physician who authorizes a physician assistant to sign one or more documents as described in this section is not liable for damages, administrative action, or criminal prosecution for an act or omission that arises from the physician assistant signing the document. Note, however, that this relates only to the documentation in question, not the supervision agreement and its related physician responsibilities and liabilities.

OAPA thanks the bill's sponsor, Senator Mark Romanchuk, and the nearly unanimous support by both the Ohio Senate and Ohio House in passing this piece of legislation.

OAPA also extends appreciation to all members who have provided support to the OAPA Legislative Fund. The effort to advance practice for Ohio PAs is ongoing and members support means everything to the fight. Thank you!


To further help us advance PA practice through government advocacy, please support the OAPA Legislative Fund!

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