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On the Legislative Front


OAPA continues its quest to remove barriers to PA practice. Our current priorities for the State of Ohio are outlined on our Advocacy web page. If you haven't visited lately, take a look! Be sure to also follow along with our Latest News, which occasionally has relevant stories from the federal level, including a recent post about AAPA's Amicus Brief on the Mifepristone Case.

OAPA stands alone in its ability to advocate for Ohio PAs across specialties to change restrictive laws at the state level. We continue to work hard on your behalf to pursue a more favorable practice environment for PAs, but even as political winds blow back and forth, one thing remains constant - advocacy is expensive!

For example, OAPA lobbyists spent just a handful of hours in January on the PA title change effort. This included corresponding with four legislators, connecting with AAPA regarding the initiative's progress in other states, and reviewing and editing a related proposal. For this work only, OAPA paid nearly $2,000. And that's just for a few hours of effort, in one month, on one legislative priority! When you consider how slowly the gears of democracy turn, and how many legislators there are to influence in Ohio (99 Representatives, 33 Senators), it is clear that legislative change does not come cheap.

How can you help? The great news is that just by being a member, you are already a part of the effort! Your membership dues support OAPA's advocacy work, among other programs and activities. Maintaining your OAPA membership, inviting others to join, and considering a contribution to the Legislative Fund are simple ways to show your support for advancing the PA profession in Ohio, for yourself, your colleagues, and the next generation of PAs.

You can also help by showing your interest in OAPA legislative activities through attending the upcoming OAPA Legislative Town Hall with Government Affairs Committee Chair, Josanne Pagel. Join us virtually on Tuesday, March 19, from 6-7 p.m. for this members-only conversation on OAPA's legislative priorities and progress.

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