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PRACTICE ALERT: Change to Prescribing for Outpatient Behavioral Health

Ohio’s biennium budget (House Bill 33) was passed by the Ohio General Assembly in June, with several impacts to licensees of the State Medical Board of Ohio taking effect October 3.

For Physician Assistants specifically, please note the following related to prescribing for outpatient behavioral health:

House Bill 33 allows a physician assistant to prescribe schedule II controlled substances if the prescription is issued at the site of a behavioral health practice that does not otherwise qualify under current law as a site where physician assistants may prescribe those drugs. If (1) the behavioral health practice is organized to provide outpatient services for treating mental health conditions, substance use disorders or both, and (2) The physician assistant has entered into a supervisory agreement with a physician who is employed by the same practice.

Find more information about this rule and other impacts of House Bill 33 on the State Medical Board of Ohio's website.

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