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OAPA Student Foodbank Fundraiser - Buy your T-Shirt Now!

OAPA Student Foodbank Fundraiser

At the recommendation of the OAPA COVID-19 Task Force, OAPA and PA students across the state of Ohio are holding a fundraiser for Ohio Regional Foodbanks. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be distributed evenly to the twelve regional food banks in Ohio. The twelve food banks and the areas they serve are listed on the Ohio Association of Foodbanks website. There is such a great need during the pandemic and OAPA wants to help.

In lieu of the individual charity fundraising that would have taken place in the recently canceled OAPA 2020 PA Student Olympics, Ohio PA Students have organized a T-shirt fundraiser to help with fundraising efforts,   We want to keep the sense of a friendly competition between PA Programs and PA-Cs alive.  By donating, not only will you help foodbanks across the state of Ohio, you can also help your program, alumni program, or the PA-C team to sell the most shirts and become the Fundraising Champion! (although, we would like to stress that all participants in this fundraiser are champions!)

The fundraiser will end on June 1, 2020.  Please take a minute to support your community and Ohio PA Students by donating today at the link below.

Dates: May 4th - June 1st

Price: $18 + tax and shipping


Colors: 13 (12 programs,1 for PA-Cs). Colors are listed on the campaign page



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