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Volunteer for COVID-19 PA Reserve Corps!

The Ohio Department of Health is developing an action plan to deploy emergency medical response teams if the situation should arise for a need to assist in the medical care of those Ohioans during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

The Governor’s Office invited most of the state’s health care associations to a conference call ten days ago.  The OAPA was present at this meeting and there was discussion about the need for development of health professionals in Ohio who maybe able to respond during this pandemic.  The Ohio Department of Health is developing this plan. 

In light of the possible need for increased health care providers in this pandemic, the OAPA President has created the OAPA PA Reserve Corps. 

We would like to first develop a list of volunteer physician assistants who may be available for emergency response should the need arise and the OAPA is called for assistance.

Please complete the form below.  At this time the Ohio Department of Health is not aware of any needs nor have they contacted the OAPA with additional information or for assistance.   

OAPA PA Reserve Corp. 

We appreciate all that you do now to care for the citizens of Ohio and the OAPA stands ready to assist in this time of need.  If you have any questions, please email me at or contact Beth Adamson at

Thank you,

Jeff Fisher, PA-C, President Elect

Chair, OAPA COVID 19 Task Force

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