Election Process

OAPA Elections are Currently Underway

Don't Forget to Vote!

OAPA Members received electronic ballots on April 26th.  Make sure to check your email and vote now! The deadline for online voting is May 10th. Voter eligibility can be reviewed below. If you believe that you should have received an electronic ballot and have not received one please contact us at the OAPA office oapa@ohiopa.com or 800·292·4997.

Vice President Ballot: 1 open position. Click on each candidate name below to read their platform statements.

AAPA HOD Delegates Candidates: 3 open positions

  • Michell McDiffett
  • Jenifer Richardson
  • Taylor Somogyi
  • JP Thompson


Voter Eligibility

To vote for Regional Director:

  • Hold Fellow Membership or Associate Membership with OAPA at least fifteen (15) days prior to the election.
  • Be registered within the associated region. Log onto “My Profile” to ensure you are correctly registered.

To vote for House of Delegates:

    • Hold both Fellow Membership with OAPA and Fellow Membership with AAPA at least fifteen (15) days prior to the election.
    • Have your AAPA Membership ID associated with your OAPA profile. Log onto “My Profile” to ensure your profile is up to date.

To vote for all other positions:

  • Hold Fellow Membership or Associate Membership with OAPA at least fifteen (15) days prior to the election.


All eligible voters must have a valid e-mail address to receive notifications and participate with online balloting.

Please log onto “My Profile” ensure your account is registered with your current e-mail address.


Interested in serving as an OAPA leader?

 Overview of Election Timeline

  • Declaration of Candidacy available in February 2019
  • Floor Nominations are open at the Annual General Membership Meeting during the Pharmacology Conference.
    • Any  unopposed Single Slate Candidates for elected positions may be automatically awarded the position at this time.  See OAPA Policy Manual for more details.
  • Electronic ballots will be emailed to eligible voters.
  • Online voting will be available during the spring of 2019.
  • Election results finalized and reported several days after. 


Nomination Requirements for all positions except Student Representative:

Candidates must:

1) Be a Fellow Member of both OAPA and AAPA while in office

2) Declare candidacy at least (45) days prior to the election.

3) Summit a platform statement consisting of no more than 250 words.

4) Have read and understand the responsibilities of the role as outlined in OAPA’s Job Descriptions, Bylaws, and Policy Manual.


Declaration of Candidacy: Online submission forms will be available in February of each election year.



 Additional questions may be sent to oapa@ohiopa.com or 800·292·4997