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OAPA Legislator Breakfast - October 24

2019 PA Legislator Breakfast
Thursday, October 24, 2019
Statehouse Atrium
Come represent your PA Profession and speak with your State Representatives and Senators!
·      Meet your Representatives and Senators personally
·      Discuss current PA issues affecting PA practice in Ohio
·      Show your support for OAPA!

If you let us know you will be attending we will make the introductions to your Representative and Senator.  RSVP to or call 800/292-4997.  OAPA can identify your legislators using your home address.

To make you more comfortable talking to your legislators here are some talking points:

Your legislators may not be familiar with what a PA does,  how you are trained and the various practice settings.  Remember, wherever a physician can practice a PA can practice.  Once they understand the PA profession then please:
Ask your legislators to sponsor our two proposed draft bills, describe what we hope to have in them and why it is important to you in your practice and to the profession.
1.     A bill to removal of restrictions on moderate sedation (4730.201 to repeal/replace)
Proposed language is “A Physician Assistants (PAs) may administer, monitor and or maintain anesthesia (with the exception of general anesthesia) as a component of a procedure that the PA is performing or as a separate service when the procedure requiring anesthesia is to be performed by the physician assistant’s supervising physician or another person.”

Make sure they understand how important this is to you and your patients.
2.     A bill to Enhance PA practice that will include language that will:
                    Replace "supervision" with "collaboration"
                    Remove the certification requirement for renewal of license
                    Allow PAs to pink slip those who may harm themselves or others
                    Allow PAs to perform Fluoroscopy with additional coursework
                    Enable PAs to advertise as appropriate
                    Remove the words: "liable and legally responsible"
                    Remove requirement for a new licensee to have on-site supervision for their first 500 hrs of practice
                    Add PAs to the Ohio preceptor tax incentive program

Let them know that these changes will improve PA practice in Ohio and improve patient access to healthcare.

We hope to see you on October 24 at the Statehouse!  If you have any questions please contact the OAPA office at


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