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Contact Governor DeWine

AAPA has organized a social media campaign in Ohio to encourage Governor DeWine to lift requirements that are adversely affecting the use of PAs in the current pandemic.  OAPA has been asked to get the word out to contact the Governor.  You can use the Phone2Action link to send the following letter to Governor DeWine.

"Our frontline healthcare workers are overworked, exhausted, and getting sick themselves because of surges at hospitals and lack of PPE equipment -- they desperately need relief.

More physician assistants across the country, including those in Ohio, are ready to help patients during this pandemic, but they are forced to stand on the sidelines because of antiquated, burdensome laws and regulations.

We must cut bureaucratic red tape and fully mobilize all our available healthcare providers.

If you were to suspend these provisions, we could:

-Alleviate this crisis right now
-Strengthen healthcare teams
-Expand access to care
-Provide high quality healthcare

We need to make every single resource available and that includes our most valuable resource: healthcare providers.

Please consider signing an Executive Order suspending these outdated provisions so more physician assistants can treat patients with COVID-19 and join the fight against the invisible enemy."

Phone2Action page HERE.

Additionally, if you have a Twitter account you can use the following tweets to also get the word out.

Help get more physician assistants on the frontline of COVID-19 by signing this letter to @GovMikeDeWine!

It’s time to cut the red tape and get more physician assistants on the frontline of COVID-19. Join me in signing this letter to @GovMikeDeWine:

.@GovMikeDeWine must fully mobilize our health care providers and that includes physician assistants. Sign this letter!

Physician assistants shouldn’t be beholden to antiquated regulations. @GovMikeDeWine, cut the red tape to allow more of our highly-skilled physician assistants to treat those with COVID-19.

More physician assistants want to help combat COVID-19, but old laws & regs on the books are holding them back. Let’s cut the tape & send more physician assistants to combat the invisible enemy.

Cut the red tape and send more physician assistants to fight #COVID19!

I’m signing this letter to send more physician assistants to fight COVID-19. Join me by signing below:

.@GovMikeDeWine - let’s get more physician assistants on the frontline of COVID-19.

Our physician assistants are highly trained and some of the best health care providers in the world. It’s time to cut the red tape and get more of them on the frontline of COVID-19.

.@GovMikeDeWine, it’s time to act now - let more physician assistants who want to help join the frontline of the fight against #COVID19:

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