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PA Week Spotlight: Dr. Miquita Hosey, DMS, PA-C

Happy PA Week, October 6-12, 2023!

OAPA is celebrating the growth of our PA community as it gets wider and more diverse every year. We cherish the value that PAs bring to the table and recognize the unique contributions each PA makes to health care landscape across Ohio.


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Today we feature an interview with Dr. Miquita Hosey, DMS, PA-C, practicing in Mental Health / Director of Clinical Operations at Firsthand in Youngstown, Ohio.


1. What does PA week mean to you?

PA Week means celebrating the PA profession's history and current practitioners while reflecting on its significance.

2. What is your favorite part of being a PA?

My favorite part of being a PA is the versatility it offers, allowing me to engage in various aspects of healthcare with a single degree.

3. Do you currently take students or train other PAs?

Yes, I currently take students to train future PAs, especially in my role as a director [of Clinical Operations].

4. What was your journey like to your current position?

My journey to my current position involved years of experience in pediatric and adult mental health, eventually leading to becoming a director.

5. Why do you love about psychiatry?

What I love about behavioral health is the positive impact it has on individuals, promoting compassion and purpose.

6. How does working in psychiatry improve patient care?

Practicing in behavioral health improves patient care by expanding access to mental health services and reducing wait times.

7. How has your role changed throughout your assignment?

My role has evolved from clinical to operations, but I still maintain a passion for patient care.

8. What do you see changing in the PA profession within the next 5 to 10 years?

In the next 5-10 years, I anticipate the PA profession may require a doctorate to compete with the autonomy of nurse practitioners and see changes in scope of practice legislation.

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