Optimal Team Practice

What is Optimal Team Practice?

  • Optimal Team Practice (OTP) is a policy enacted by the AAPA in May 2017 and is a proposition for how the PA profession can move forward with the modernization and revolution of the healthcare system, making them more competitive in the healthcare marketplace.
  • It is designed to expand access to care while making PAs more marketable in the workplace
  • OTP calls for states and national regulatory agencies to adopt laws and regulations that:
    • Emphasize PAs’ commitment to team practice
    • Allow for collaboration decisions between PAs and physicians to be made at a case-by-case, practice-by-practice level. This removes the requirement that PAs can practice only if a supervisory agreement with a specific Physician is in place.
    • Authorize PAs to be directly reimbursed by all private and public insurance
    • Create a stronger PA presence and voice on state medical boards and create separate PA-majority boards


For more details, updates, resources, advocacy tool kits, and FAQ's regarding Optimal Team Practice visit AAPA.

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